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SafeHands #1 Commercial Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - White

SafeHands #1 Commercial Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - White


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Show your customers how much you value their business by offering the convenience and safety of alcohol free hand sanitizer. SafeHands #1 Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer dispenser offers touch free operation. Fits 1000ml cartridges and is the perfect touch free sanitizer dispenser for restaurants, schools, or malls. The SafeHands Alcohol Free Sanitizer provides a next generation, safe alternative that is just as effective in killing germs as the leading brands. The SafeHands alcohol-free proprietary chemistry enables significant "microbe killing power" while working with the natural oils of the skin. Because SafeHands is alcohol free it softens skin like a lotion. There is no need to worry about skin irritation or "that sticky alcohol smelling residue" common with other hand sanitizers. SafeHands patented, gentle formulation ensures that the repeated use of SafeHands will leave your skin noticeably softer at the end of the day.  SafeHands is very economical and provides more than three times the number of applications of comparable size alcohol gel sanitizers. However, it is gentle enough for daily use even on the sensitive skin of children. What are the advantages of an alcohol-free sanitizer? Alcohol gels and rubs strip away the skin's natural oils and severely dry the skin with repeated use. This effect has many negative implications that reduce the effectiveness of alcohol based products in real world environments. For example, users of alcohol based products often complain of the drying and irritation resulting from prolonged use of alcohol based products, and are therefore prone to avoid their repeated use. Additionally, alcohol based products not only dry the skin, but also cause the formation of small cracks in the skin increasing the skin's capacity to trap and carry disease-causing germs.  What is the germ-killing ingredient in safeHands? safeHands Instant Hand Sanitizer contains the germ-killing ingredient Benzalkonium chloride. This antiseptic has been used for over 60 years in hospitals and doctors' offices. It is approved for safety and effectiveness in antiseptic applications ranging from skin treatments for minor irritations to surface sanitizers. It has even been approved by the FDA for use as a germ-killing ingredient in mouthwashes.


Spread Truth. Not Germs. Our hydrating, skin-soothing, foam-based, non-toxic hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs on contact and is scientifically formulated to be used all day long to kill germs and soften skin so you can sanitize while keeping your hands silky smooth. During the initial formula development process at safeHands®, we went to the drawing board to use an active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) that has been used for over 50 years in the health care industry in eye drops, nose sprays and mouth washes. We simply incorporated it in an alcohol free hand sanitizer that is tough on germs and soft on skin. The rich, exclusive formula of every safeHands® bottle moisturizes and preserves the natural oils in skin so your hands feel great all day long. safeHands® is non-toxic and non flammable. In a study performed at California State University Fresno the active ingredient was shown to INCREASE in its germ-killing ability after the 3rd consecutive use!

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