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Referzo FAQ's

How does it work? Simply click on a Referzo banner found on a participating merchant's website. Then Referzo will provide a custom link you can share as you normally would (on Facebook, Twittter, in emails, or anywhere else). When your friends click your custom link, we handle the rest.
What merchants participate in the Referzo program? We will publish a complete list of participating retailers shortly. If your favorite website is not yet a member of Referzo, please send them a note to encourage their adoption.
My friend bought something but I didn't get credit. Why? That could happen for a few reasons. First, the purchase must be made thru a participating merchant. If they purchased thru a participating merchant, it is probably an issue with cookies. We confirm purchases thru the use of a private Referzo cookie. If your friend's internet browser blocks or deletes cookies, then we can't record the transaction.
When do I get my referral fee? Participating merchants are allowed to delay payment of referral fees in order to accommodate returns (that's the lock date listed by your transactions). When your payable balance exceeds $25, we will send you a PayPal payment or a check to the address you provide.
What do you say to people who don't want to make money off their friends? We offer the option to pay your referral fee to the buyer (presumably your friend) thereby decreasing their overall price. You can also donate your referral fee to a favorite charity right from your Referzo account.
How do I donate my proceeds to a non-profit? Simply select the non-profit from the drop down box next to any eligible transaction.
My favorite charity isn't listed. Can I add a new one? You certainly may. Simply fill out the non-profit registration form.
How do I give my referral fee to friends? YYou can give your referral fee to the friend that actually took your advice and bought an item. To pay them the referral fee, simply select “Buyer” from the drop down menu beside the eligible transaction.
I don't have the “Buyer” option in my drop down menu. Now what? The buyer must have created a Referzo account prior to placing their purchase in order to receive your referral fee. If they have a Referzo account and you still don't see the “Buyer” option in the Pay To drop down menu, have your friend fax us their receipt and we will update the transaction manually.
What do you track? nitially, we attempt to log what Referzo link was clicked (the destination url) and what web page the link was clicked from (the referring url). With that information, we can tell what referrer set the link and what web page the link is referring to. Once a purchase (or conversion) is made, we are able to determine the referrer (so we know who get credit), the merchant domain (so we know who pays the referral fee), and, if the buyer is both registered with Referzo and logged in, the buyer's Referzo ID (so we know who to pay if you want to pay the buyer). See our complete privacy policy for details.



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